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Computing services,

Exactly tailored to your business.

Since 2004, we at Compusale have been providing computer services to businesses at the most professional level and to work to the highest standards.

5 star reviews

Fast and efficient response time

Compusale provides you with professional services for all your computing needs so you can work better.

You probably know the situation when there is a problem and all the suppliers throw the ball to each other .... The internet service provider blames the computer technician who claims that there is a network problem, and your precious working hours are lost .. Compusale is responsible for solving problems quickly by mediating between all your suppliers.


We will be happy to help and give you the right solution for your business. Fill in the details in the attached form and we will get back to you soon.

Thank you for your inquiry, we will contact you soon!

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'I'm very, very pleased with Compusale's professional service. Arrived within one hours of my first call. Installed and arranged everything I requested on all 4 computers. Highly recommended !"

Arena Rosenblatt

Dental Specialist Clinic

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