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Do not compromise on cloud backup

New Idrive! Protect your data easily with

Automatic 5,000 GB cloud backup for all your devices

Only at 180 NIS per year

Cloud backup service allows you to:

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Snapshots תצוגה היסטורית של נתונים לביצוע שחזור נקודת זמן; שחזר עד 30 גרסאות קודמות.

Cloud backup for businesses - servers, computers, virtual machines, SQL and more ..

Automatically back up quickly to all your devices

Access all your information from any device - computer, tablet or smartphone

Not sure if you have a backup?

Don't know when was the last time you backed up

For the external hard drive that goes around your home or business?

Is family appointments or computer business information important to you?

Or if you'm tired of the phone alerting "There is not enough memory to store your photos."

Buy now, automatic backup and forget about the problem!

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